Rue du Rhône 4

The starting point

The building, located at Rue du Rhône 4, is the subject of a first inconclusive sale process. A deficient strategy leads to poor targeting. The owners then call on SPG Intercity to determine the commercial attractiveness of the property and then implement the appropriate sales strategy and the search for a potential buyer.

The solution

In order to determine the commercial attractiveness of the property, we implemented the following methodology:

Detailed visits of the building, accurate and estimated measurements of future renovation work to determine a market value, and an appropriate sale strategy for a property already known to the market.

Review of Geneva real estate market conditions (rents, yields, conversion/renovation costs, demand analysis and investor profiles) to determine the best strategy. Detailed verification of the building‘s surfaces in order to anticipate the different alternatives of occupation and rents.

Proposal of the different sales scenarios to be analysed.

Analysis of the various scenarios taking into account key factors (revenues, costs, taxes, timing), choice of sales strategy and implementation of marketing tools as well as a suitable communication plan allowing us to approach our target of potential buyers.

The result

After this analysis, the owners decided to move forward with the strategy proposed by SPG Intercity.

A strategy that consisted in targeting a certain number of private clients requiring „tailor-made“ communication before starting a two-round sales process targeting the major institutional players in the Swiss and foreign markets.

After a sale process of less than two months, the building was sold to a private client as part of a Sale & Leaseback transaction.

The added value

During this sale process, SPG Intercity has provided its in-depth knowledge of the Geneva real estate market and high-volume transactions.

The choice of the right sales strategy, the right tax and legal strategy and the selection of target customers contributed to the great success of the sales process.