The starting point

The building « Gare 39 », owned by Edipresse Developpement SA, was constructed in 2014. Located by the train station, a strategic location in the Olympic capital, these premises offer 4’200 sqm of office space on 6 floors. The building has a "Minergie" label (a swiss standard for ecological energy consumption) approved installations, delivered with fitted floor, and offers great flexibility in terms of office landscape. The materials used for the finishings were chosen with care, focusing on high quality and easy maintenance. As a matter of fact, our collaboration with Edipresse Développement SA started even before the building was constructed as the company contacted us for the commercialization of the spaces and search for potential tenants already in the beginning of the construction.

The solution

We started our mission by putting marketing tools in place in order to reach out to potential candidates and promote the building within our network. In order to concentrate and optimize our research we focused on targeted marketing techniques and we also activated our network through Cushman&Wakefield, which gives us access to a large amount of international candidates. In close collaboration with the owner, the property manager and the facility manager of the building, we multiplied the visits of the building, implementation plans and accompanied the potential tenants until the final decision point.

The result

The construction started in January 2013 and today the entire building is let. In January 2013 the first lease contract was signed for the last three floors of the building, a total of 1’230 sqm, by Ernst&Young. In the beginning 2014 the bank Julius Bär decided to move their Lausanne based entity into the premises, on the first floor covering a total of 972 sqm. At the end of 2014 we signed with the American company Keurig, active in the coffee branch and a client of Cushman&Wakefield, for a total of 815 sqm. Having established a tenancy schedule, the rental prices achieved show a net progression in comparison with the market.