Promoting a business park of 40’000 sqm

The starting point

In 2007, NEMACO wished to develop an office as well as artisanal space of approximately 40‘000 sqm. The first tenant of the park, CADBURY (later KRAFT) moved in to a building that was custom-built in 2008. NEMACO, wanting to continue the development of its land by constructing office buildings A1, A2, A3 (8’000 sqm per building), Z1, Z2 (3’000 sqm per building) and the B2 craftsmanship surfaces (4’500 sqm). They contacted us in order to implement a strategy to promote the buildings and search for tenants for the 35’000 sqm remaining to construct.

The solution

Our mission started at the time of application for construction permits for building A1. A SWOT analysis of the project, including a detailed analysis of the real estate market in the canton of Vaud, the Geneva airport area as well as the Lake Geneva area, served to position the Business Park on the highly competitive market and define a suitable optimization strategy.

The implementation of marketing tools and tailored communication plans allowed us to approach our target of potential tenants. Following several presentations of the park (at the time still being a construction site) and having the blueprints of the first building (A1) at hand, we multiplied the face to face meetings with potential tenants already present in Switzerland or having showed an interest to move to the Lake Geneva area.

As a result of SPG Intercity’s regional, national and international (via Cushman & Wakefield) presence, REGUS signed the first lease with the intention to move their administrative headquarters on more than 2’000 sqm as well as completing it with a new business center leading to a total rented space of over 4’000 sqm. The Medical Company SHIRE was next, signing initially for 4’000 sqm in building A1 and later for 8’000 sqm in A2.

The result

The first building, A1, was 50% let 6 months ahead of completion (REGUS moved in September 2010) and 100% let at completion (SHIRE moved in 2010).

The building A2 (SHIRE) and A3 (LLOYDS moved in March 2012) were let to 100% and 80% respectively ahead of completion.

Completing the buildings we saw tenants GLOBAL BLUE in 2011 in building A1 (space vacated by SHIRE as they moved completely to A2), IMMARSTART in 2011 upon completion of building Z1, AFFINON in A3 in 2012 and TAHYDRONICS in Z2 in 2012.

Recent tenant acquisitions include TUPPERWARE (A1), VERTEX (A3) and KODAX (B2).