Search for surfaces for MCI Worldcom

The starting point

Via our alliance partner Cushman & Wakefield, we were mandated to place MCI Worldcom in industrial surfaces of 3‘000 to 10‘000 sqm. MCI Worldcom is a telecommunication solution company and was looking for a new data center. This research was a challenge for SPG Intercity, since we only had 1 year’s experience in Geneva, it was complex to try and explain to the active people on the market what we did and whom we were working for.

The solution

The first idea was to go and visit all the régies and companies that we thought could be of interest to help us move on with our search. This is how we got in contact with the SIG that were selling one of their buildings, however MCI were interested in renting. Thanks to SPG Intercity’s negotiations, the SIG finally accepted to rent their building to MCI Wordlcom.

The result

We negotiated the lease contract with the SIG and managed to sign a very long lease with a break option every year on both sides.